Sunday, May 22, 2011

Young Women's Sexuality

I'm sure there were mothers 30 years ago who would have been appalled at their daughter's choice of apparel.  That is a common complaint of all mothers.  But I think I can safely say that this generation has gone too far.  Now you can buy padded bras for 8 year olds, low-cut jeans that have to be pulled up often, and dresses to short to squat in.  As one writer for my local paper said : "But it's parents who hold the purchasing power when their kids are young, so if they don't want their 7- and 8-year-olds in padded bikini tops, they shouldn't buy those bathing suits. It's up to parents to hold the line..."  It is very true!  If there weren't morons buying this stuff, it would not be sold.  A parent can stand their ground and say 'No!' when their pre-pubescent daughter begs for the latest 'Miley Cyrus' fashion.

Now, wait just a minute.  I know you are going to catalogue me as one of those up-tight, anti-sexuality, ultra-conservative moms who want my daughters to wear floor-length dresses and braided hair.  Let me make on thing perfectly clear:  I am a Pagan.  As a Pagan, I believe in the stages of life.  For a woman, the stages are maiden, mother, and crone.  As a maiden, you have innocence.  This is the stage of your life when you live carefree and plain.  You are learning about life from your mother 'hopefully'.  In todays society, too many mothers are taking a hands off approach and are letting their daughters be raised by 'Teen Mom' and 'The Jershey Shore'.  Just the thought makes me sick.  When a maiden becomes a mother, she has learned the basics of life and is ready to embrace the new stage.  But do not interpret this as meaning actual motherhood.  In most cases, the earliest phase simply means the nurturing stage.  A young maiden has become a woman and begins to explore those more passionate feelings.  Passion can take many forms.  To be passionate is to want something so much that you would do anything within reason to get it.  Its not necessarily a sexual thing.

However, this is not a ticket for sex.  When a woman enters this stage, I believe that she can have fantasies, but I do not think that sexual relations should develop at such an early age.  When I see young girls wearing a padded bra or string bikini, I see a defiance for the laws of nature.  I see pedophilia being enabled and encouraged.  Even if you are not a Pagan, you can plainly see that a woman reaches different stages of her life at different times.  Its universal knowledge.  When a woman is mature enough and established in her own life, then she can seek the companionship that sexuality brings.  Relationships take a lot of work.

Sadly, this new generation lacks maturity.  When I became sexually active, it wasn't uncommon for women to be more mature.  What has happened to this generation?  Young girls are idolizing 15 and 16 year old tramps who got pregnant because they niavely thought that you couldn't get pregnant on their periods or some other stupid idea.  Nonetheless, they got pregnant and had a child for no other reason than to keep their boyfriends, or sympathy, or simply to pass around a helpless and adorable child so people could 'oh' and 'ah' at it.  They have no idea that the child will soon grow up and require more guidance and affection than that teenager is willing to give.  By nature, teenagers are selfish creatures and are not capable of compassion.

I hope that I have the right idea and that when my girls come of age, I am able to explain what sexuality is in a way that will glorify it as my faith says, but also to learn to control it and use it only when it is appropriate.  It is the most sacred thing we have.