Tuesday, July 5, 2011

No Justice for the Children in America

In January 1996, a little girl was doing what other little girls have done safely for a long time. She was riding her bike through her own neighborhood with her little brother.  This little girl attended C.B. Berry Elementary school.  She was in 3rd grade.  I, coincidentally, attended C.B. Berry Elementary also.  I was in 6th grade, a student mentor who worked with younger grades helping them with homework and passing out balloons and pencils on their birthdays.  So in November 1995, on this little girl's 9th birthday, I delivered her birthday gifts.  I am sad when I remember this.  I am sad because that little girl's name was Amber Renee Hagerman and that was her last birthday.  As she rode her bike, a man in a white truck approached her and pulled her into his truck and she was never seen alive again.  A few days later, she was found lying face down in a local creek.  From that moment, children were no longer safe.  Children cannot ride their bikes unsupervised anymore, they cannot walk to school safely anymore.  Childhood died collectively for America. 

This event shocked America.  But even more shocking is that no one has ever been brought to justice for her murder.  It has been 15 years and there is no justice.  The only good that came out of all this was the creation of the Amber Alert, through combined efforts from law enforcement and Amber's mother Donna. 

Now its 2011.  Are the children safer?  No.  I wish I could say yes, but that is sadly not the case.  And today, America became an even scarier place.

Casey Anthony stood trial for the death of her 2 year old daughter, Caylee.  Casey waited 30 days before reporting her daughter missing.  There was a stain in the trunk of her car that turned out to be that of a decomposing body.  She was searching for 'chloroform' and 'neck breaking' on the internet.  Despite the overwhelming evidence presented in the long trial, Casey was found not guilty by a jury.  Not guilty?

This jury has opened the door for many parents who abuse their children or plan to kill them.  It is now easy to cause them harm and get away with it. 

I want to offer up a prayer to the highest deity who is listening.  Please save our children!  This country's so-called justice system fails them on every horrible level.  Abusers and pedophiles walk free everyday.  Please save them!

Rest in Peace Caylee Anthony, Divine Justice will prevail and there is a special place in Oblivion for the one who hurt you.

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  1. Beautifully written. Lets give children the voice and life they deserve!