Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Beautiful Morning...

...and an early morning at that.  It is 6:47 AM EST, and it is completely normal for me to be awake right now.  Most people think I am completely nuts.  I am not wide awake, mind you.  I am awake enough to function and I can do this without a cup of coffee.  I still drink coffee but for it's flavor, not its caffeine benefits.  Caffeine does nothing to me.  Anyways, to proceed with my thoughts for the day.

I feel amazing.  I don't think I have ever felt so clear in my life.  As my last post suggested, I was contemplating what veiling would mean for me.  It covers a broad range of purposes, so after finding some kindred sisters out and about and online, I decided to give it a try.  I covered in a style called a tichel, a scarf or bandana simply tied over the head, covering the top part of the head and the hair that is styled in a bun.  I didn't know what I would think about it.  I had always had the misconception that covering my hair would be some sort of large step backwards in my independence, that I would be doing it as a sign of submissiveness to my husband.  Well, I learned a valuable lesson.  It's all crap!  I covered for several hours the first day, and anytime I was home yesterday.  I have decided for the time being that I will cover with the tichel while I am at home.  I see it as sort of my domain and my covering is like a crown, my mark of respect indicating that the home is my domain.  I feel ultra-sexy when I wear it, even my husband gets excited when he sees me in it.  It also has a nice effect when I take it off just before bed, seeing my hair is sort of a novelty thing now. 

I don't expect too many people to understand why I am doing it, or believe that it is a request from my Divine guidance, or that I actually enjoy doing it (in fact, I don't have it on right now and I feel completely naked).  But any woman who has felt a calling from their God to do something out of devotion, and more specifically my Muslim, Mennonite, and other conservative faith sisters will understand.  And even if I have no one to share this journey with, it is who I am and I am proud of it. 

So what is everyone up to for the rest of the week?
I am off to the library, those books won't shelve themselves.  I am only 2 months away from beginning to write the library's history in book format and hopefully I can get it done in 2 months.  I have all of the material I need for it, organizing and catalogued by me, so it should just be easy.  I just have to organize the words on paper in specific order and viola, a book. :) 


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  1. I like analogy of the covering feeling like a crown. I've not felt called to try this myself but I do enjoy reading about it.