Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Inspiration, Where are you?

I am a terrible blogger.  In my perfect world, I would be able to write to my heart's content.  I have always had a problem committing ideas to paper.  They swirl around in my head with all of the grace of a ballet, yet once I am sitting in front of paper (or a computer), they swirl the other way.  I would love to allow a glimpse into my overactive mind on a daily basis.  But I will start small for the moment.  I have a notepad in front of the computer with topics I would like to write about here and hopefully new ideas will be added.  For the moment, please know that I am committed to this blog.  I know my readers do not know me that well, but I hope you at least learn something new while reading and get to know me better.  I have always been the victim of misplaced stereotypes, cliches, and ignorant remarks.  But I really am just a normal, responsible person.  I am only different in that I want to know everything.  I do not believe that knowledge is finite and I think it is an honorable pursuit to continue your education, not just in schools but in your local libraries, historical centers, online, everywhere in life.  So, some of the topics I have written down to start with are: Simplicity, The Veil, little known mysteries of the world, places I have lived, and Spring Cleaning and it's symbolism.  Have a great week everyone!


  1. one thing I do is write down the ideas that swirl in my head. If you can't write them - record them if you can. :) Try Pagan Blog Prompts if that helps as well. They usually have some good ideas there to get you started.

  2. I did see that site, and it has some good ideas. I am trying to keep it open as far as topics. If anything, I can just do a random word and click "I feel lucky" in Google. :)