Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 19, 2009 -- New Meds and Sick Hubby

I started taking some medication yesterday. One is for my depression, and the other for sleep disorders. The depression one made me feel dizzy, shaky, drowsy, and then goofy. I wanted to laugh at everything, its really weird. And the sleeping one knocked me out for twelve hours last night. It definetely helped me sleep, but I cannot afford to sleep so much. My girls were really hyper today. They wouldn't give us any rest! My husband has a stomach flu, poor guy. He called off work tomorrow. I wish I could find a job so that our income wouldn't be so tight. Why won't someone give me a job? I'm not some sort of scum off the streets. I am a high school graduate, which I suspect is hard to find around here. I have lots of skills, just no jobs around. The only thing that I see happening is alot of big shot politicians and bankers got comfortable ripping people off, and now the economy is screwed up and we are the ones paying for it.

I am reading a book about the Gnostic Gospels. Very interesting. If I were Christian, I think I would be a Gnostic Christian. They have alot of the same beliefs that I have. And they were one of the original sects of the faith and have been called heretics.

I can't think of anything else. Tomorrow, my daughter is resuming her therapy for PTSD and I have counseling and P/A support group, so hopefully it will be a good day. It will be the first day I go out and do normal things under the influence of an anti-depressant. Lets see.

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