Thursday, July 23, 2009

July 23, 2009 - Much Better

I thought that today was going to be stressful. Past experiences have shown me that going out with my girls is always risky business. They are too hyper to be calm anywhere.

But, I got up this morning without a problem. I was motivated, not necessarily energized, just motivated. I cooked breakfast for my daughters, which is a first for a while. I usually just give them a bowl of cereal or a bagel, but today I cooked eggs and toast for them with apple juice. Afterwards, I had to run some errands. So I got them dressed, completely stress-free, and then we went to the bank. They were good in the car and were rewarded with lollipops from the bank teller. Then, we headed to the thrift store to see what bargains we could find. I bought 11 books, 4 big toys, and some other miscellaneous stuff, all for $5! I was excited. I got alot of really good books, some brand new. Next door to the thrift store is the more pricey area of the same store. I went in there looking for bikes and I couldn't believe my eyes. Goodwill (which is the store I was at) was trying to sell a used bike for $150!! I have seen the same bikes at Walmart for $100. So, no bike.

Amazingly enough, they were good in the thrift store, earning them toys, a few books, and some lollipops from Walmart.

When I was preparing to leave the store, my youngest told me that she had to use the bathroom. Okay, normal behavior, so I walked with her in there, only to discover a horrid suprise...She had pooped in her underwear! I had to clean her up in the bathroom stall and quickly wash the excess off the underwear in the bathroom faucet. I didn't want anyone to see it. It was one of those embarrasing mommy moments. But I remained calm and collected the whole time. The old me would have been yelling and panicked. But we made it home without incident, and the rest of the day sailed on nice and smooth. I am in contact with a coordinator to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. I cannot wait to get started. I think that volunteering, teamed with my counseling, support groups, and meds will be a great start to the new me. Hopefully I will get vefry active with volunteering and once my girls go to school in the fall, I can ween myself off the meds and function normally, because I will be too busy to be sad!

Now the girls are in bed, dreaming with the faeries, and I am going to have a snack!

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