Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July 29, 2009 - Anxiety Building

We are now down to 37 days until school starts. My oldest is going to kindergarten, and my youngest is on a waiting list for K3. We only have two uniform bottoms for the oldest, and nothing for the younger one. We did buy a backpack for the oldest and she was so excited.

I cannot believe that she has grown so fast! It feels like just the other day that we brought her home from the hospital and spent the night at the in-laws to make sure we were doing everything right, and now she is grown and going to kindergarten. I can only imagine what I am going to feel on that first day of school. I hope she can handle it without incident. Her pyschologist is suggesting ADHD, but since she has never been in a classroom before, its hard to tell right now. I really hope that she settles down in school and does well. I think if she gets a good teacher, then she will do fine. She is really intelligent and I'm afraid that other kids will feel intimidated by her. All sorts of ideas and worst-case scenarios are circling in my head. Only time will tell, but I think that once Christmas break gets here we will have a better idea as to how she will tolerate a school environment.

As for me, the meds are starting to regulate. I still feel drowsy alot, and some days are worse than others. I haven't cried in two weeks, which is a record for me. I feel more stable. On bad days, I feel lethargic and bored. On good days, I am playing with the kids, doing arts and crafts with them, doing two days worth of housework in one day, and being in a generally calm and good mood. I guess time will be the true judge of my progress.

Me and my husband are making plans for the next 4 years. Next year, we want to take the girls to Florida. We are going to go to Disney, Universal Studios, and the Kennedy Space Center. After that, we are going to save our money for the next 3 years, and on our 10th Wedding Anniversary, we want to take a cruise, but we cannot decide between Northern Europe and the Mediterranean. I guess we have plenty of time to decide.

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